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Purina Sustained® Nutrition Program helps cattle producers in Building Better Cattle® generation after generation.  A 12-month cow care program supports your cows’ nutrition, healthy calves and bottom line potential year after year.
  • Virtually No Waste
  • Saves Labor and Fuel
  • Readily Available Nutrients
  • Controlled Consumption
  • Carrier for Approved Additives
CowBos Liquid Supplements are a convenient, economical means of supplementing your cow/calf herd with protein, energy, vitamins and trace minerals in optimal proportions for maximum performance.
  1. Bioavailablility - easy to absorb
  2. Palatability - cattle love the taste
  3. Predictability - cattle consume correct levels and balance of minerals
  4. Reliability - it’s there when your cattle need it
Sustained® Nutrition encompasses the entire Lifestage of the cow and calf prior to and after birth.  The performance and potential of your calves is affected by the dam and grand dam’s prior fetal nutrition. 

More information:
Controlled Intake Systems Breeder Products
  • Accuration/Cattle Limiter products are the most energy dense brood cow supplements on the market.
  • Sup-R-Lix is a molasses-based protein supplement that provides a superior balance of all essential nutrients—energy, protein vitamins and minerals.
  • Sup-R-Block is the original weatherproof supplement block for cows.

More information:
Purina’s New Wind & Rain® Storm™ Minerals are the ultimate weather resistance, now providing even more
protection from weather. That
means more mineral in the feeder
and more mineral available to
your cattle. And that’s what counts.
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